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In · the · gentle · depths · of · the · soul..

I wish I had the time and energy to post more tonight. But I'm just…

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I wish I had the time and energy to post more tonight. But I'm just exhausted from surgery last week. Life has been busy. Interesting. Life changing.

I will say this, I have found a new happiness that I haven't known before. I have done more soul searching than one should do in a lifetime. I've done my best to make peace with things of the past. I keep saying my journey has only begun.. and that is has. Every day I look at my life and I come up with some new, creative fun thing I want to do. Some new plan for the future.
TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL.. that has been the plans in progress.

There are still days that I am overwhelmed with the grief of losing people I still hold so dear to my heart. Only time can heal those wounds.

Still in pain and utterly exhausted... I'm cuddling up with my pup for the night and looking forward to tomorrow when I pick my babies back up. Not having my kids every single night is still an adjustment. Although getting a night during the week to myself is much needed sometimes too.
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On March 9th, 2012 07:03 am (UTC), serendipity commented:
Thanks for this update. I hope you recover quickly from the surgery. And yes, a night to yourself during the week can be a most welcome and needed break!
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