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In · the · gentle · depths · of · the · soul..

New beginnings...

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is exactly what I've needed for so long. The struggles and hard work is finally paying off. Things have been on the turn around for a little while now. I start school in the summer, finally got "officially" accepted yesterday. So I'm very excited about that. I'm losing weight and getting in shape. Very motivated these days to make changes for the better. Time to leave the past behind and start fresh. It's a new chapter for me and I'm embracing it. I know I can sit around a mourn over things that are out of my control at this point. Some things are just broken.. and broken for a reason that isn't always understood but a necessity.
It's taken entirely more heartache than I would've liked to make me see the things that I do now. To show me the things that you have to let go and those that you keep with you and embrace.
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