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I was laying in bed last night with a million thoughts running through my mind as usual. Running over the past few days or months in my head. As I laid there I was reminded of a night months ago. A night that gave me a sense of security and self awareness. I laid on the couch laughing at some of the most hilarious comedy I'd ever heard just after dinner and a beer after a really rough day. Snuggling up on this unfamiliar yet comforting couch talking with a friend. A few hours later I went to bed with tons of blankets laid across me and pillows surrounding me.  I hadn't slept in days, when did it was that restless uncomfortable sleep that was pointless because you felt like you're head never hit the pillow.  This night was different, it was cozy and comforting with the view of the sky and the smell of fresh linen. I was gone the minute I laid my head down. No restlessness, no waking every hour. The next morning so vividly I remember waking to the smell of fresh coffee, not wanting to move because I'd slept better that night than I had in months and it was the coziest bed I'd ever been in. I got out of bed, made myself a cup of coffee with this devine sugar with a hint of vanilla bean. That is a smell to die for. I laid around in PJ's and watch some of the most amazing things. Things I had just been introduced too. One inparticular, Sigur Ros...this is the most unusual and extrodinary music I've ever heard. It gives you this sense of calmness. It's beautiful sounds made into this indescribable music that just gives you this sense of serenity. And watching the story behind it all makes it even better.

I'm  not sure why I started writing all this two nights ago, it's always so much more clear when it all comes to me, but this made me smile. It reminded me of that  feeling of "me" again. Something that I've held onto dearly this past year. Sometimes something happens in your day or once in a lifetime even, that reminds you of everything you are. Those little pieces of you that got tucked away somewhere, the innocense you once felt as a child. The comfort that something so small gives you.
There's a few memories made this past year that I will always hold very close to remind me of those moments of feeling at peace, feeling free. Those that remind me everyday of how important that journey was. How important the journey still is. And how important it is to never lose myself again.

Without the past year, I wouldn't have been reminded of how important being happy and fulfilled is. Or how so quickly the people we can take for granted can be gone in just a instant. We all get caught up in every day life, I know I do. But- even if it's just for a moment, it's so important to embrace the people that surround you. The people that make your world turn.

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