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Standing on the SB

I hate people that lie
tell stories
kiss peoples ass
gossip about what isn't their bussiness
and try to be nice and pretend to be your friend

And when confronted with the dumbass shit they did, they try to turn it around like you don't know what you are talking about.
Luckily I am good at scoping the losers out earlier
but it really just gets on my nerves
and people wonder why I am such a bitch sometimes because
I always tell people what I think or how I feel about something without
tip toeing around them
what is the point, it waste entirely to much time
Frankly, I really don't think I'm such a bitch, I'm just honestly not fake
I don't kiss your ass to promote myself or pretend to be your buddy
and talk about you as soon as you walk off.
I either like you or I don't.
If I don't, I make no effort to conversate with you. Again, what is the point. Just to be nice, polite, fuck that.
I have to much to do to waste time on people that I know doesn't really care about me. I'd rather put my energy towards those I love and those that love me.

I'm just sayin.

( quietly sitting on the soapbox now)
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